Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace Slept Here by Tim Hansen

April 2, 2016

From what I can tell, David Foster Wallace lived in Syracuse, N. Y., for about three years, from 1992 to 1995. He wrote the bulk of Infinite Jest in a decrepit apartment house across from the Syracuse Real Foods Co-op on Kensington Road.  As part of my  famous writer bio for magazine writing and out of my own curiosity, I visited Wallace's neighborhood this morning. I walked around this part of the Westcott neighborhood to get a feel for what he saw everyday here.  It was quiet except for customers running into Real Foods Co-op. I stood and looked at the wood frame house and noticed an arm with a cigarette extending from a window on the second floor. I wondered if that person to whom the arm and cigarette belonged knew Wallace.  Wallace just wrote, worked out, and drank.  He never had a day job and must have burned through his McArthur Grant money while he was here.